Drew Barrymore Says She's A Worried Mom

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While attending Safe Kids Day, a program that deals with childhood safety and injury prevention, actress Drew Barrymore said she worries about her child getting hurt all the time.

And considering she's currently in her ninth month of pregnancy, and she'll be a mother for the second time, her level of worry is only increasing, she says, although she's trying to get a handle on it.

"I try to have a sense of humor about how [much] you need to learn and tackle, and how to remain fun-loving and not, like, uptight because there's so much to care about and to learn about," said the 39-year-old, who's married to Will Kopelman, the son of Arie Kopelman, Chanel's CEO.

"I've never been so worried in my life about making sure that something I care about more than I've ever cared in my life is safe and intact."

But one way Barrymore copes with being perpetually worried is by seeking out mothers who know way more, because the actress didn't come from a mom, dad, and white picket fence kind of background, so she needs all the help she can get, she said.

The actress also stated it's extremely important to always do your research as a mom, and apply that research in the best and most consistent way possible.

"I think the best thing to do in life, or certainly what I've done in my life, not really having a traditional family, is you find the enlightened people," said Barrymore. "If you do your homework and really apply yourself...that's a way to absolve the fears and get proactive."

And being a mom has slowed down the Charlie's Angels actress considerably, she said, and if you think about it, she hasn't been in movies at all that much recently, and it seems she's producing less projects these days as well, as Barrymore owns the movie production company Flower Films.

"It used to be work first and now it's life first," said Barrymore. "So even though I'm doing a lot, there's a lot of things that have slowed down. I don't make that many movies anymore. I'm not really producing right now. And I'm trying to do jobs where I can work from home or be at home by dinnertime if I do have to go out to meetings."

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