Dr. Phil's Stolen Car Has Been Found


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The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has told the Los Angeles Times that Dr. Phil McGraw's stolen car has been recovered.

Dr. Phil, who is known for his Oprah spin-off pop-psychology TV show, had his '57 Chevy stolen back at the end of August. The car was stolen from a Burbank auto shop where it was having work done on its transmission. The thieves broke through a roll-up door to get inside the shop.

At the time, Dr. Phil estimated that the two-door convertible is worth around $100,000. The car is black, with white and silver trim and a red leather interior. Police stated that the car had minor body damage, but was otherwise in good condition.

The L.A. Times has stated that a Taskforce for Regional Autotheft Prevention investigation has led to the recovery of 13 vintage cars in addition to Dr. Phil's. The vehicles' VIN numbers had been changed to hide that they had been stolen, and five of them are still being identified. Also, "numerous" arrests have been made in connection with the stolen cars.

The location of the stolen vehicles has not been revealed, and Dr. Phil himself has not released a statement on the matter.