Downton Abbey: The Best Of Fan Artwork

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Downton Abbey has become so massively popular, it's been difficult to stop and wonder why. But the more you think about it, the more curious it is that a show about a stuffy British family and their land dispute during a time when women wearing trousers was unspeakable is just odd. Why do we love it so much?

The answer isn't forthcoming, because as far as I can tell, the show just has that something. It's a mixture of atmosphere and the inherent drama of the time period, of forbidden love and romances that seem perfect but which keep us in suspense as the characters realize their true feelings. The fact that these characters are presented as wealthy, stately people who all seem to have rather large skeletons in their closets just ups the ante.

That's why it's not much of a surprise that the show has spawned not only a loyal following, but a huge array of fan art which encompasses many types of media and can be found in all corners of the web. Here are a few of the best I've found.

Source: Illustrated By Jenny


Source: Just Art/Andrea Rhodes


Source: Fyodor Pavlov/Tumblr

*Note: Mr. Pavlov has an incredible array of artwork on his Tumblr. Take the time to scroll through it, you won't regret it.


Source: Phil Noto/Tumblr


Source: Morgan Spicer/Blogspot


Source: Ashley White Jacobsen


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