Doritos Commercial: Winner of Super Bowl Commercial Contest Announced

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Instead of spending a ton of money filming commercials for the Super Bowl, Doritos went a different route and did their "Crash the Super Bowl" contest again. This contest involves fans sending in Doritos commercials they filmed on their own and offers a grand prize of $1 million. Doritos aired the two finalist commercials, "Time Machine" and "Cowboy Kid," during the Super Bowl this past Sunday and had fans vote on their favorite.

Doritos announced the winner of the $1 million prize on Good Morning America yesterday. "Time Machine" by Ryan Thomas Andersen of Scottsdale, Arizona took home the $1 million prize. The kicker? Unlike "Cowboy Kid," whose makers spent five grand to film the commercial, "Time Machine" only had a budget of $300.

"Time Machine" starred Andersen's 6-year-old son Gavin who shows off the cardboard time machine he built. The young boy lets his neighbor check out the time machine, which has a slot to insert a bag of Doritos to make it run. After the neighbor hands over the Doritos, the boy shakes the time machine and tricks his neighbor into thinking the contraption actually worked, while he takes off with the bag of Doritos to enjoy on his own.

Check out Andersen's "Time Machine" video below.

Andersen's "Time Machine" commercial was quite a hit and Tom Ortega, chief creative officer for the ad agency Doritos used, thought Andersen did a great job. "He gets it," said Ortega. "He understands how to write a 30-second story, which is tough. He understands performance. And it has that quality to it where you want to watch it again. It has no wear-out factor to it."

The Arizona man has been trying to win the Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" contest for four years, and now his creativity and work have finally paid off. The $1 million check won't arrive a minute too soon for Andersen and his family. "Right now, I've probably got $3,200 in my checking account," Andersen said. "I'm not kidding."

Even though missing out on the $1 million prize must sting, the runner-up in the Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" contest received a cash prize of $50,000. Watch "Cowboy Kid" below.

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