Donny Osmond Going Under the Knife, in Good Hands With Adele, Sam Smith Doctor

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Donny Osmond has a bleeding lesion on his right vocal cord and will be having surgery to repair it. After a reasonable respite following the surgery, his voice will be good as new. The male half of the Donny & Marie singing duo--he and sister Marie Osmond are presently performing in Las Vegas--knows he's in good hands because his surgeon has recently operated on other big names in the music world.

Dr. Steven M. Zeitel of Harvard Medical School is doing Donny Osmond's surgery. He is the doctor who restored Adele back to fine singing order and recently operated on Sam Smith, too.

While this isn't a life-threatening surgery, it is very serious, because for singers like Adele, Sam Smith, and Donny Osmond, it could be career ending if not done properly.

Given Dr. Zeitel's previous successes, he was the obvious choice for Donny Osmond's surgery.

Fans of Donny & Marie will be disappointed if they have tickets for the brother and sister act's September shows. Shows for that month have been cancelled. However by October it is expected that Donny Osmond will be back in business and singing with his sister again.

Do you think singers like Donny Osmond, Adele, and Sam Smith are severely overworked? It's only in recent years that bleeding on the vocal cords in popular singers has been prevalent in the news. Should some of these singers slow down a bit? Even if they don't make quite as much money, perhaps they will enjoy better health, and not subject themselves to this serious vocal cord injury that is only corrected through surgery.

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