Donna Tartt Wins Pulitzer Prize For Fiction


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The award season continues, and with this year's Pulitzer Prize winners, Donna Tartt has received the award for her latest work of fiction. The book was one of the most popular novels of 2013.

Tartt won the prize for her third novel, titled The Goldfinch. She has previously written The Secret History and The Little Friend. She is a native of the United States, and it had been 11 years since her last published novel.

The other two novels that were nominated and competing for the award for fiction were The Son by Philip Meyer and The Woman Who Lost Her Soul by Bob Shacochis.

This marks the first time that Tartt has won a major literary prize for any of her novels. When being interviewed about the award over the phone, she said that she was "very happy and very delighted," and also added that she was surprised.

Donna Tartt's novel tells the story of Theodore Decker, an orphaned Manhattanite who winds up in possession of a renowned painting, Carel Fabritius's "The Goldfinch." It is an epic tale that stretches on for a total of 784 pages.

ICYMI Yesterday's Pulitzer list Especially happy for Donna Tartt's #Goldfinch fiction win

— M.E. Steele-Pierce (@steelepierce) April 15, 2014

The Goldfinch is a coming of age story that follows Theo to Las Vegas, New York City's Lower East Side, and Amsterdam, chronicling the events of his life, and how they relate to his theories on art and love.

Last year's Pulitzer Prize for Fiction was awarded to The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson. Perhaps being accomplished as a Pulitzer Prize-winning author will help the career of Donna Tartt, and fans will not have to wait another 11 years for her next book.

She began writing her first book The Secret History while studying at Bennington College, and later received the Orange Prize for Fiction in 2003 for her second novel, The Little Friend.

Congratulations Donna Tartton winning the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction with The Goldfinch:

— Waterstones (@Waterstones) April 15, 2014

Donna Tartt writes long novels, but does not give many interviews, and has been a woman of few words in her public life. She says that she is already at work on her next novel, but does not want to discuss the details of it with anyone yet.

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