Don Johnson Gets $19 Million In Lawsuit For "Nash Bridges"

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Don Johnson may have won over a large fanbase in the '80s with "Miami Vice", but he went on to star in another hit show, and has been involved in an unfortunate battle with the producers since 2010 for what he claimed was rightfully his.

Johnson starred with Cheech Marin on "Nash Bridges", which ran from 1996-2001 and was enormously successful for the USA network. According to Johnson's contract with the show, he was to receive 50% of the profits if there were more than 66 episodes filmed. But after 122 episodes, he still hadn't been paid. Johnson sued Rysher Entertainment in 2010 for not living up to their end of the bargain, and the case has been drawn out ever since.

Although Rysher was originally ordered to pay Johnson $23 million plus interest back in 2010, there has been some dispute over exactly how much the actor was owed, which stalled things in court. But the parties have come to an agreement, and Johnson has accepted $19 million in order to settle the case.

Amanda Crum
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