Doherty Calls Cops On Suicidal Twitter Fan

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Shannen Doherty recently had a strange encounter with a woman on Twitter, who said she was such a fan that if Doherty didn't call her, she was going to hurt herself. After giving the "Beverly Hills, 90210" star her phone number and address, the 27-year old woman from New Jersey got an unexpected visit...from the police.

Doherty, saying she was concerned for the woman's well-being, called the cops to report that the fan might be in danger. Strangely, the woman was safe at home with her family and showed no signs of being upset. She refused medical attention, as well, which makes some wonder if the entire thing was a prank. And if not, what did the woman's family think when the police showed up out of concern?

The actress tweeted her thanks to the police department for their quick response, which triggered concern from her Twitter followers. She set them straight, however, in what became a very confusing and odd end to the story.

Amanda Crum
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