Dog The Bounty Hunter Hunts MMA Fighter

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Dog the Bounty Hunter has been called out to help find a missing San Diego MMA fighter who calls himself War Machine.

War Machine, once known as John Koppenhaver, severely beat his girlfriend, porn star Christie Mack, and the man he found her with on August 8th.

Mack reportedly had 18 broken bones and a ruptured liver.

There is no word on the condition of the man she was with, but War Machine probably didn't take it easy on him.

Dog the Bounty Hunter will assist San Diego police and the U.S. Marshall service in locating War Machine and bringing him to justice. Dog, also known as Duane Chapman, got involved after a mutual friend of Christie Mack's contacted him.

"Some of the stuff he did to her was like unbelievable,” Dog the Bounty Hunter said. “This guy is a predator and what's he going to do to the next girl?"

He issued a deadline for War Machine to turn himself in by Tuesday night. He did not.

Now Dog is about to sniff him out and it won't be pretty...

"They know Dog Chapman is lurking in the midst, they know I'm coming after them if they issue a reward," Dog the Bounty Hunter said.

War Machine was a well known MMA fighter and seemed to have an entirely different persona at the gym. Most of those he knew said they have never seen that side of him.

"Kids loved him, parents loved him, I saw a whole other side of the guy," said San Diego gym owner Joel Rocco, who added that War Machine is no longer welcome at his gym.

It will definitely be interesting to see what happens when Dog the Bounty Hunter catches up with War Machine! What do you think? Will War Machine go peacefully or will he put up a fight?

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