Dog Steals Food From Store, Caught On Camera

Amanda CrumLife

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An adorable 3-legged dog wandered into Alray Dairy in New Zealand recently and helped himself to some treats, and now the local animal shelter is looking for his owner.

Oscar was apparently left with friends while his owners went on vacation, and escaped through a weak point in the fence on the friend's property. The owners of the dairy think his cunning ways are hilarious, but have turned him over to the animal authority for the time being.

“He’s not your usual shop-lifter is he? No, they’re usually of the two-legged kind,” owner Esmay Hay said. "About 12 minutes past eight we caught him on the camera. All of a sudden he appears standing looking into the dog chiller, helps himself to a dog roll, drops it on the floor then picks it up and carts it out."

Oscar currently has a Facebook page dedicated to finding his rightful owner, but Hay says he's so sweet that he's already had offers of a loving home from others in the area.

“My daughter’s had a Facebook page up, with 300 hits on it saying they want to give [him] a home, so I’m sure there’s somebody out there if the owner doesn't want him,” Hay said.

Amanda Crum
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