Disneyland Explosion: Arrested Man in Court Today


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The man who was arrested for an explosion that went off Tuesday evening at Disneyland in Los Angeles is due in court today. 22-year-old Christian Barnes (pictured) was arrested Tuesday for suspicion of possessing a destructive device.

Barnes was working as a Disney "cast member" (employee) at the time of the explosion, selling soda and water from a mobile cart. Police believe Barnes placed dry ice into a plastic bottle, then placed it in the Toontown-area trashcan where it later exploded. The area was evacuated, and police brought in a bomb squad to investigate. Barnes was eventually identified as a suspect using surveillance camera footage.

No injuries or property damage resulted from the explosion, but Anaheim police are treating the incident seriously. Anaheim police Sergeant Bob Dunn told L.A.'s KTLA network that, while it is possible the explosion was just a prank, the police are treating it as a crime.

"The message that we would want to send to any individual who decides to do something like this is that, first of all, these may just seem like dry ice in a plastic bottle - it is very dangerous," said Dunn. "You could be injured. You could injure others. Some people could even die."