Digg Founder Kevin Rose Chucked a Raccoon Down Some Stairs Over the Weekend [VIDEO]

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On Saturday, at approximately 1 in the morning, Digg founder Kevin Rose chucked a raccoon down a flight of stairs.

I know you all just went "what in the actual f**k are you talking about" - but before you start to shout animal abuse, know this: Rose was coming to the rescue of his dog Toaster, whom the raccoon was attacking.

"I do not encourage animal violence," said Rose on a YouTube video posted on Sunday. "I wanted to get the wild animal as far away from us as possible. Toaster is ok, but has some claw and bite marks."

Amazingly enough, the entire thing was caught on security video:

You can clearly see the raccoon and dog fighting at the landing of the stairs. Rose rushes down and grabs the raccoon off of Toaster and hurls him down the stairs. Rose follows the raccoon down the stairs, presumably to make sure it's gone.


In other news, there's already a Twitter account for the tossed raccoon - because of course there is. It's aptly named @TossedRaccoon.

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