Did Mark Zuckerberg Join Pinterest Or Is That A Fake-out Account?

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Guess who's joined Pinterest? If you guessed the high priest of social networking himself, Mark Zuckerberg, then give yourself a hand and get yourself an extra large latte today. The Godfather of Facebook has indeed joined up with the upstart pinboard-sharing site, but so far he looks like he's entering the Pinterest waters slowly as he's only pinned three things.

What's really weird is that Zuckerberg seems to really like iPhone screenshots of homescreens. Like, uh, he really likes them, so much that he's dedicated an entire Board to only images of iPhone homescreens. Below is what Zuck's (that's his username on Pinterest, by the way) Home Screens board looks like.

Seriously, that's all there is and he's got 18 of those screenshots on that board. More astounding than the perplexing fascination Zuckerberg seems to have with iPhone homescreens is the fact that nearly 3,000 Pinterest users are actually following that board. Really, Pinteresters? I know it's Mark Zuckerberg and all, but... this makes me think you'd follow a board called "Pics of Me Harpooning Kittens" as long as it was curated by Zuckerberg.

While it shouldn't be expected that Zuckerberg would really use other social media sites other than the one he helms, this story still smells a bit fishy and I seriously wonder if it's really him. For instance, Pinterest was officially minted as Arrived last week with the welcoming of its first known parody account, which was Mitt Romney (although that account was renamed as Fake Mitt Romney after Real Mitt Romney put the brakes on it). Now that the hull has been breached, more satirical accounts aping famous people should be expected. Just look at Twitter. That site probably has more parody celebrities than actual celebrities, and convincing fake-outs have been well documented.

So is this Mark Zuckerberg account legit? Hard to say, but regardless of the truth, if I were Zuckerberg I'd probably disavow this account and claim it's fake because if it's real, then this is proof that he's a really, really big dork.

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