Did Google Capture a Messy Breakup with Street View?

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Google Street View has caught some pretty bizarre things over the years. Dead bodies? Sure. People having sex on top of their car? Yep. The Gates of Hell? Well, probably not, but maybe. Run-over donkeys? Maybe, but it's not Google's fault!

Add this to the list of strange Street View happenings. According to someone on the internet (so you know it's true), Google Street View has captured the moment a girl was kicked out of the house she shared with her boyfriend.

According to one redditor, the image you're about to see is that of his buddy kicking out his now ex-girlfriend.

Here's the story, according to poster lpmark04:

A little backstory: this picture was taken a couple years ago since they have been broken up for a while now. My buddy no longer lives in the same town as me but I became aware of this recently by his brother who is currently my coworker. I find this even more hilarious because I actually knew this girl, as me and my then-gf, her and my buddy used to double date occasionally.

...Especially since she was known to be a huge bitch within their circle of friends. I never knew that side of her so I wouldn't go so far as to call her that but my coworker got a huge kick out of it since he hated his brother's gf.

Check it out. At first glance, it does look like someone being kicked to the curb. The story seems legit, I mean, it's the internet - I trust it.

But wait. Not so fast. Other redditors were quick to call shenanigans.

"This looks like a girl coming home from the beach. Beach chairs, coolers and the floor mats are probably out so she can get the sand out of them," says one skeptic.

"With her floormats on the street I'm going to go ahead and say this is just a girl cleaning out her car and OP is a filthy liar," says another.

"Bullshit. Just a bunch of shit she's cleaning out of her car. Why would she take out the floormats to put her shit in her car? She's moving out but she takes the trash with her? You're a liar. Also...No clothes...Bitches gotta be havin' a bunch of clothes."

Questionable logic on that last part aside, you can see that there's some question of the original poster's veracity. What do you think? Lying for fake internet points? Or legitimate Street View breakup documentation?

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