Dianna Agron Critique Called 'F--king Devastating" by Yahoo [Screenshot Pic]

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Dianna Agron gave it her best shot. The former Glee star took to the stage in London's famed West End at St. James Theatre to show her stuff. The critics were not only not impressed, they were distressed.

Not too many West End production criticisms make it to trending news in the United States. We laughed it up when the Duck Dynasty musical opened and folded in the same month. But this was a world premiere of James Phillips' play McQueen. Phillips' play City Stories has been running that the St. James since 2013, so the crowd appreciates his stuff.

But Dianna Agron was declared out of her element. A few of the reviews for the show -- or more specifically, for Dianna Agron -- were vicious.

"Another issue is Agron...who never manages to elevate her character beyond a clothes-horse spouting psychobabble. She speaks in a strange, sing-song voice throughout, reciting rather than metabolizing her lines."

"Dianna Agron falls into monotonous vocal rhythms as Dahlia."

"But Glee star Dianna Agron is not good, I'm afraid. Her delivery is glib yet slow - I never believe the quick-fire rapport with McQueen, and when they get onto more profound or personal matters, her probing feels painfully crass rather than deep-and-meaningful."

"That actor Stephen Wight should wring a tender portrait of a troubled man out of such crass writing, surrounded by tech and opposite the expressionless void of co-star Dianna Agron ("Glee"), is nothing short of a marvel.

"Agron, however, is little more than a clothes horse. She plays up Dahlia's numbness and ends up vocally monotone, facially inert and deeply unwatchable."

But even the Yahoo Trending Summary about reactions to the play were vicious. Perhaps the words "fucking devastating" made it past the Yahoo team members.

Fortunately for Dianna Agron, the critics are outnumbered by the audience.

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