Diane In 7A Was Totally Fake, You Guys

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Elan Gale, a producer on "The Bachelor", kept us from sinking into sleepy Thanksgiving weekend boredom with his interactions with Diane in 7A, a fellow flight passenger who was allegedly bitching about delays. Gale uploaded photos to Twitter of a note war between the two of them, which began when he sent her a glass of wine and urged her to shut up, in the nicest way possible. It escalated into an all out word-brawl, with Gale eventually telling the woman to "eat his dick".

Of course, the internet had a lot to say about all this, ranging from support for Gale--who was speaking up for all of us who secretly loathe the passenger who complains about a flight delay as though they are the only person it affects--to outrage over the "eat my dick" remark. But rest easy, interwebz. Diane doesn't even exist.


Gale tweeted this photo to silence all the questions about who she was and what happened to her (although he called her "Diana"). Sorry, guys. Looks like we were the victims of a massive hoax. I feel so cheated.

Image: Twitter

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