'Diablo III: Reaper of Souls' Expansion Coming March 25

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Back in August Blizzard announced the first expansion for Diablo III. Titled Reaper of Souls, the expansion promises to be another suitably hefty old-school PC game expansion of the type Blizzard is known for.

Today Blizzard announced that Reaper of Souls will be released on March 25, 2014. The expansion will cost $40 for the standard digital edition of the content, but a "digital deluxe" edition of the game is also being offered for $60.

Reaper of Souls expands Diablo III with an entirely new act involving an angel known as Malthael and the theft of the black soul stone that houses Diablo's essence. The game's level cap will be expanded to 70, the new "Crusader" class has been added to the mix, and all classes have gotten new skills and abilities.

The digital deluxe version of Reaper of Souls, of course, comes with a bunch of in-game exclusive items. Fans who purchase the more expensive version will get exclusive transmogrification recipes, a "Spectral Hound" minion, three extra character slots, some Battle.net portraits, and some decals for StarCraft II. A special "Treasure Goblin" pet for World of Warcraft is also included.

With its March 2014 release date, Reaper of Souls will be out around the same time that many big games are scheduled to hit store shelves. Titles such as Titanfall, Infamous: Second Son, and Dark Souls II will provide plenty of competition for Blizzard's Diablo III expansion - especially considering its premium price point.

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