Dropbox CEO Drew Houston: Virtual First Reinvents Work
Dropbox CEO: Virtual First Reinvents Work

Drew Houston, co-founder and CEO of Dropbox, says that starting today, Dropbox is becoming a Virtual First company. Remote work will be the primary experience for all employees and the day-to-day default for individual work

Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson: COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation
Twilio CEO: COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation

Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio, discusses how COVID has accelerated the massive movement toward digital transformation by enterprises.

Google Search Page
Google Search Experiencing Issues With Mobile Indexing and Canonicalization

Google has confirmed it is dealing with two separate issues with its search, one impacting mobile indexing and the other canonicalization.

Palantir Technologies co-founder and CEO Alex Karp
Palantir CEO: The Most Important Software Company In The World

Alex Karp, co-founder, and CEO of Palantir Technologies Inc. says his company will become the most important software company in the world.

VMWare & Nvidia Partner To Democratize AI
VMWare & Nvidia Partner To Democratize AI

Patrick Gelsinger, CEO of VMWare, announced just before this year’s huge virtual VMworld 2020 conference a partnership with Nvidia that will bring on the democratization of AI.

Microsoft Partners With Telecommunications Industry To Unlock Power Of 5G
Microsoft Unlocks Power Of 5G For Telecommunications

Jason Zander of Microsoft Azure, announces new collaborations with the telecommunications industry that will unlock the power of 5G.

AI Reshaping Wealth Management With Aiera
AI Reshaping Wealth Management With Aiera

Ken Sena, co-founder, and CEO at Aiera discusses how Aiera is revolutionizing the use of artificial intelligence by investment analysts.

Box CEO Aaron Levie: Power Of The Cloud
Box CEO: Power Of The Cloud

Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, discusses how the Google-sized Snowflake IPO illustrates the “power of the cloud” and how disruptive it is to the past way of doing business.

Box CEO: We Have Been Thrust Into Remote Work
Box CEO: We Have Been Thrust Into Remote Work

Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, discusses how the pandemic has thrust companies into remote work and this will move enterprises toward a hybrid workplace.

Mozilla Logo
Mozilla WebThings Being Spun Out As Separate Open Source Project

Mozilla has announced it is spinning of its WebThings endeavor as a standalone open source project.