Derek Jeter Launches His Own Line Of Books


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Well it is certainly not often that we hear about an athlete doing something like this, but in an odd move, Derek Jeter has turned to literature. The all-star baseball player revealed that he would be launching his own line of books today.

Jeter has inked a deal with the publishing company Simon and Schuster, and will launch his own line of books with them.

The company will be called Jeter Publishing, and plans to publish adult non-fiction titles, fiction and children's books.

Of course, Derek Jeter being the professional baseball player that he is, plans to focus on sports-related books, but will also plan to help out other personalities in the world of pop culture. He said of the business venture, "This publishing partnership is an exciting way for me to discover and develop new books, sharing insights of my own, or from people I believe have interesting stories, philosophies or practices to share."

Derek Jeter is one of the highest paid, and most well-known baseball players in the world. He has enjoyed a long career with the New York Yankees, and as he is nearing his retirement soon, it has started to work on his post-baseball career early. With the injuries that he suffered in the past year, he was only able to play in 17 games, and as a 39-year-old athlete, everyone knows that his time will be up soon.

While it is not the typical route that former baseball players take, Derek Jeter feels that he has always had an interest in business, and wants to finally put that to use, while also connecting with the public through books.

He mentioned to the New York Times, "I’ve always had an interest in business, and my interest in business has really expanded over the years. And I have an interest in content. So this gives me the opportunity to really combine the two. And it gives me the opportunity to curate and share interesting stories and share content with the public."

After returning from his injury, Derek Jeter expects to be the primary shortstop for the Yankees in the spring. However, he certainly has his sights sight on his post-baseball business career already, and through his time being injured, he had a lot of time to think about the future.

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