Denny Hamlin: Sinus Infection Ruins Race Day


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Associated Press tells us that Denny Hamlin, ace NASCAR driver who was seventh in the points standing this Sunday, dropped to 11th after sitting out on today's Fontana race due to a sinus infection.

Hamlin was spotted wearing dark sunglasses indoors during the pre-race driver's meeting, and complained of having a terrible headache and blurred vision. After being unable to Follow the Finger during NASCAR's medical test, he was not cleared to race. The decision was made 30 minutes before the race, and Hamlin managed to tweet to his fans his apologies:

This is a double blow for Hamlin, who crashed on the final lap of this same track last year and had to be airlifted out of the Auto Club Speedway. It went without saying that he planned to redeem himself this year with high hopes to conquer the Fontana. After healing from the broken vertebra injuries sustained during the accident, he was almost at full strength only to be forced out possibly by the beginnings of springtime pollen.

This medical disqualification now puts Hamlin at 11th place in the points standings, but he is still qualified to compete in the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship.

As Hamlin's incident shows, the pollen problem is a real thing for some, and especially so in the springtime. Sinus infections can go past the inconvenient sniffle and scratchy throat-- it can cause impaired vision, hearing, dizziness and blinding headaches. Sinus infections caused by bacteria can only be healed by antibiotics, but there are natural ways to prevent them such as nasal irrigation with natural saline, regular intake of vitamin C and zinc, and concentrated steaming sessions. Try these so you won't be prevented from participating in the 20mph traffic jam races held every weekday at 8am that we all enjoy.

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