Dennis Rodman's Lavish Lifestyle Has Left Him Broke, Alcoholic

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NBA Hall Of Famer Dennis Rodman has been in the news for lots of reasons over the years with his outrageous style, publicity stunts, and apparent inability to hold back from speaking his mind. But the latest news story on Rodman may be the saddest yet.

According to his financial advisor, Peggy Williams, the basketball star's rich lifestyle has left him broke...and with a drinking problem. Now he faces jail time for non-payment of back-taxes, spousal and child support to wife Michelle Rodman to the tune of $860,376 unless he comes up with the money by the end of May. Rodman's wife has filed for divorce, which is something Williams says is contributing to his drinking, though the two reportedly seemed amicable enough while in court together.

Basketball's bad boy built a reputation for himself by dropping thousands of dollars at strip clubs, getting involved in fights both on and off the court, getting arrested, and showing a complete lack of fear when it came to, say, wearing a wedding dress in public to promote his autobiography, "Bad As I Wanna Be"--the cover of which shows a nude Rodman sitting astride a motorcycle. His penchant over the years for a lavish lifestyle may be coming back to haunt him.

"In all honesty, Dennis, although a very sweet person, is an alcoholic," said Williams. "His sickness impacts his ability to get work."

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for the hard-living athlete, however. His marketing agent told the New York Times that opportunities could be coming his way that weren't there before now that he's a Hall Of Fame player.

As always, the Twitter world is divided on the subject.

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