Denise Richards Isn't 'Winning' with Charlie Sheen

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What had been viewed as a relatively cordial relationship of exes is at the top of the Twitter feed after actor Charlie Sheen goes public with his less than charming poetry about ex-wife Denise Richards.

Notorious for his public outbursts and rehab visits, Charlie Sheen bashed his former wife and mother of their two children Sam, 9, and Lola, 8, with his less than flattering nickname for her: #DuhNeese." Along with several other harshly tweeted phrases that included "More like a feeble 'K' / The lie is over. / I'm done / Being treated like / A relative with a / One-way ticket," Sheen took the couple's wedding memorabilia and destroyed it - documenting the incident with a picture:

What caused the Hollywood hysterics this time? TMZ reports that Richards decided to cancel Christmas - at lease Sheen's presence on the planned family vacation over the Holidays.Due to the fact that he won't be seeing his two other children for Christmas, twin 8-year old boys with Brooke Mueller, it's apparent that the abrupt cancellation of plans didn't sit well with Sheen.Those close to the couple don't understand the sudden friction. Sheen had until now been publicly pleased with his ex-wife and her support during his last stint in rehab.

Even Richards is confused - as sources say that her ranting ex is still welcome to join the family on their previously planned Holiday trip.

Public opinion? Denise Richards' state of confusion and Charlie Sheen's patronizing poetic tweets are nothing new.Though with this latest outburst from a previously quiet couple, its obvious that no parties involved are "winning" anything but a drop in the popularity polls.

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