Demanding Trust From Pluck

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How much do you trust Pluck’s review system?  Apparently not enough, because with the introduction of their new Trust Filters, Demand Media is attempting to improve end-user confidence.

Taking a hint from eBay’s ranking format, Pluck Review’s enhancements adds badges and leaderboards for their reviewers, which will make them stand out to potential Pluck users.  The badges also serve as a method of trust for psychological reasons.  If you give the appearance of competence and experience, users will be more apt to trust the service.

Pluck Reviews

Steve Semelsberger, GM of Social Solutions for Demand Media, envisions something similar, “Pluck Reviews empowers consumers to leverage trusted friends and experts to cut through online clutter.  Users can quickly identify product perspectives from people they know or respect.”

Currently, Pluck Reviews can be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  They also appear in organic search results, increasing user confidence even more.

As it stands, confidence in Pluck Reviews should already be high. Companies employing the review service are some of the more popular businesses around.  For instance, Best Buy, Kraft Foods, Lowe’s, the NFL (a future use for Pluck -- rank players for fantasy football purposes), Southwest Airlines and Whole Foods all make use of the Pluck Review system.

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