Delta New Seats, Overhead Bins To Be Installed


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Delta Air Lines is planning for a huge overhaul that will effect many members of their fleet, with the renovations planned including talk of new seats, larger overhead bins, and electrical power outlets for every seat. The news comes as a pleasant surprise to many frequent flyers, and for good reason; the renovations are set to take place on 225 different planes, so almost all flyers will be able to experience the expanded comfort and efficiency that Delta implies with these renovations.

The new seats don't come as an added bonus only for flyers, however; with the renovations comes room for more seats on the same planes that Delta already has. This is made possible by the fact that the new seats are "slim-line," which allows for more space due to a smaller, lighter frame. That means expansion of both space and income for the airlines without having to invest in completely new air crafts, spelling out for a growth of profit for the company.

The renovations will also provide newer galleys on certain airplanes, which will take up less space, also helping the airline in its quest for more space and, thus, expanded seating. Not to fear, though; leg space will remain about the same after the renovation, and the seats will also be a bit wider once all is said and done. Some aircrafts will also have less business-class seating in order to make room for expanded seating in coach. The remodeling will also make the interiors of the aircrafts purchased from Northwest Airlines back in 2008 the same as all the others being remodeled, giving a more uniform look a majority of the airline's planes.

The project is set to begin this winter, and will cost around $770 million. As it is a three year project, the remodeling is projected to wrap up sometime in 2016.

Image via Wikiemdia Commons.