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Dell Delivers Cutting-Edge Tower Workstations

Dell has been working hard on their latest offering of professional quality tower workstations. They promise their new Dell Precision series will deliver fast, versatile solutions optimized for innova...
Dell Delivers Cutting-Edge Tower Workstations
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  • Dell has been working hard on their latest offering of professional quality tower workstations. They promise their new Dell Precision series will deliver fast, versatile solutions optimized for innovators in the design and creation industry. Not only do they perform at optimal levels, but service and maintenance features have also been streamlined to decrease extended downtimes and make them more user friendly.

    Adam Watkins, Computer Graphics Supervisor at Pixomondo comments on the new Dell workstations:

    “Dell Precision workstations are the number one recommendation I’ve made to other visual effects professionals over the years. We need cutting-edge technology and performance while working tough deadlines,”

    “I have been delighted –and sometimes saved — by every Dell workstation I’ve ever used for more than 20 shows! It’s one technology that I know I can consistently count on and I’m looking forward to the new design and performance of Dell’s new workstations.”

    Marc Meadows, P.E., President of Meadows Analysis and Design also comments on the new Dell workstations:

    “We rely on Dell Precision workstations to run our 3D modeling and real-time analysis software to verify designs for our customers in oil and gas, water waste treatment, aerospace engineering and other industries. Since switching to Dell Precision workstations, we’ve experienced 12-fold faster 3D analysis and reduced a 19 hour simulation to 1.5 hours, enabling faster turnaround and improved accuracy.”

    Check out these cool videos on the design and capabilities of these new workstations:

    Here are some highlights from the new Dell Precision workstations:

    * Externally Removable Power Supply – Dell is offering the industry’s only tool-less externally removable power supply on a mainstream tower workstation². The power supply is lockable and has a built-in handle that lights up green when functioning properly which decreases downtime spent detecting and servicing issues.

    * Front Accessible Hard Drives – The new efficient chassis design on the T7600 provides one of the only front accessible quick release hard drives on a tower workstation. Designed for customers in data intensive fields like video editing who need to swap out hard drives easily and military and research organizations who need to store sensitive data in a secure location at the end of the day, it comes with up to four 3.5-inch hard drives or eight 2.5-inch hard drives.

    * Remote Access – The Dell Precision T7600 easily converts to a rack solution, which can be mounted to any standard Dell PowerEdge server rack. By centrally locating the workstations, businesses can help maintain a clean and quiet work environment, keep hardware safe and give remote workers access via a Dell Precision FX100 zero client.

    * Reliable Memory Technology – Another industry first is Reliable Memory Technology (RMT), a Dell patented code programmed at the BIOS level that eliminates virtually all memory errors on high-end workstations. RMT extends the capability of ECC memory by detecting the location of the corrected memory error and prevents the system from writing to that spot again following a reboot. Available on the T36003, T5600 and T7600, RMT increases the reliability of the workstations and eliminates the need for extensive full memory tests, IT support calls and memory DIMM replacement.

    Kirk Schell, vice president of Computing Products at Dell comments on the new additions to the company’s lineup:

    “These new Dell Precision workstations deliver on the promise of a new era of speed and productivity for millions of design and creative professionals, with an outstanding range of NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla professional GPUs to choose from,”

    “With NVIDIA Maximus technology, which revolutionized the workstation last fall with simultaneous visualization and rendering or simulation, professionals are empowered to design and create like never before with these latest workstations from Dell.”

    Bahman Dara, director of AMD FirePro Graphics also comments on the new Dells:

    “We congratulate Dell on their strong new line-up of performance workstations and look forward to providing Dell customers with the brilliant graphics they have come to expect from the AMD FirePro™ line of professional graphics products,”

    “AMD’s high-performance graphics processors, with support for AMD EyeFinity multi-screen display technology, are an ideal complement to Dell’s workstation offering and reflect AMD’s commitment to creating focused solutions designed to best meet the needs of Dell’s clients.”

    Here’s what these new devices will cost you:

    * The Dell Precision T7600 pricing starts at $2,149 USD
    * The Dell Precision T5600 pricing starts at $1,879 USD
    * The Dell Precision T3600 pricing starts at $1,099 USD

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