Debbie Rowe Engaged and Fighting for Custody of her Children


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Last month, TMZ reported that Debbie Rowe, the former wife of Michael Jackson, was engaged to Marc Schaffel, a long-time friend of Rowe and a once friend and producer of Jackson. Originally, she dismissed the gossip site’s news of her engagement; she claimed it was false.

Rowe later revealed that she, originally, turned down Schaffel’s proposal because of a health scare. She feared cancer was killing her, but it turned out she had sarcoidosis, an auto-immune disease. Once Rowe knew the diagnosis wasn’t deadly, she changed her mind about the proposal.

Rowe told TMZ live that “he’s helped me with a lot of things. And friendship sometimes turns into a relationship.” She also expressed that her kids really like Schaffel. Rowe and Schaffel have not set a wedding date yet.

Besides becoming engaged, Rowe has begun the process to get full custody of her two kids with Jackson, Paris and Prince. She would like to take over guardianship of Blanket as well, who is not biologically her child.

A source told TMZ that “Rowe is deeply concerned about the environment in the Jackson home.  She likes Katherine Jackson but believes she has gotten way too old to serve as guardian ... Katherine's not connected with the kids or involved in their lives”

She also has some problems with the Jackson brothers influence in her children’s lives. According to the TMZ source, Rowe finds Jermaine Jackson “creepy and extremely inappropriate.” She wants him far away from her children.

The brothers have already fired back at Rowe claiming "[The children] are well loved and well taken care of. We are quite taken back [sic] that Ms. Rowe has decided now to enter their lives, after she abandoned her children many years ago for money."

Rowe plans to file a document making her the guardian of Paris and Prince. Then she wants to move them to her ranch in Palmdale CA, where she runs a horse breeding and raising business.

Image via Debbie Rowe, Facebook