David Spade Won't Put Up With 'Pissy' Women

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David Spade is known as the smarmy, acerbic boy in Hollywood comedy. As one half of a comedy team with Chris Farley, Spade took the classic fat guy/skinny guy team and ran with it. Then Farley died. Spade has held his own in many ways, but he knows good and well he is not an A-list comedy name.

"I'm not one of the top 10 comics in the world," Spade said. "By the time I get a script, Will Smith has said no and so have Sandler, Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis . . . By then, the script is in such disarray that I have to fix it. That's why I started writing movies."

Even if he plays back-bench to bigger names in casting, David Spade won't put up with no crap when it comes to relationships.

"I don't like the brawls, the throwing shit, and the hysterical crying," Spade once said of his intolerance for high-maintenance women. "People say I'm dating the wrong girls. Or I'm making them crazy. There is a crazy button in almost every chick. It just takes a little digging. With some, it takes almost no digging. Some chicks, you're always trying to pull them out of a bad mood. Some chicks wake up pissy."

Some snicker at David Spade being single at the age of 51. Spade says that's a crock.

"They gave Clooney a break, and they give one to these other good-looking guys, like DiCaprio. Why should he get married? I'm not as good-looking, so they give me shit. Scott Disick is getting rich off Kourtney Kardashian, using her name to get famous and drive a Rolls-Royce and get drunk, but I'm the bad guy? Jesus Christ."

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