David Hockney Uses iPad to Create Art

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Why is art beautiful? Nobody would necessarily answer this question the same; however, many may concede that art is beautiful because there are no boundaries in this field. If a person can envision something as beautiful, then it may be deemed as artwork. Remember the animal dung jewelry? Splashing paint? Using printed words?

One of Britain's most talented living artists, David Hockney, has chosen to use something original in place of a paintbrush...his finger, and his canvas has become the everyday popular technology of the iPhone and iPad. The 76-year-old artist explained that these iPad designs were originally intended to be just gifts for friends.

David Hockney said, “It’s a very new medium. I was pretty amazed by them actually. I’m still amazed.”

The artist just opened a new exhibit on October 26, 2013 at the de Young Museum located in San Francisco, which will run through January 20, 2014. The exhibit includes roughly 150 iPad images that have been enlarged for easier display. This exhibit will also include a collection of his other work with pieces spanning through his career. His works are not restricted to the medium of modern technology that is the iPad, but also includes: charcoal, watercolor, and video.


Some of Hockney's iPad artwork is being shown on digital screens while other images have been converted to a printed display where his assistants used inkjet printers to transfer the designs.

The artist is well-known for his depictions of beautiful scenery with a collection of colorful landscapes.


This exhibit is being heralded as unique and innovative; however, the expression of art is an innate component to the human experience as noted by Long Island University Art Historian Maureen Nappi.

“These gestures are as old as humans are. Go back to cave paintings, they’re using finger movements to articulate creative expressions,” Maureen Nappi said.

[Images Via YouTube And David Hockney's Website]

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