David Hasselhoff Wants to Save the Berlin Wall


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It's a well-known fact that David Hasselhoff is big in Germany. Now, "The Hoff" is seeking to preserve a piece of German history.

The actor is protesting the removal of a section of the Berlin Wall. The section is one of the last pieces of the wall to remain standing, after it was dismantled from 1989 to 1991.

Hasselhoff is now backing a Change.org petition to prevent the "East Side Gallery" from being taken down. According to the petition, a developer is seeking to move the wall to make way for a "luxury housing development."

Hasselhoff echoes the text of the petition on his blog, saying that the wall is now part of German history and should be preserved as a symbol of freedom. From the blog post:

In 1989 on New Year's Eve I sang on the top of Berlin Wall, you all know that, it's no secret. I sang for freedom and for all people who were going through a terrible things living "behind the curtain" or behind the Wall if you prefer. Now they are trying to tear down the wall to put up an apartment complex.

The Berlin Wall is not just a symbol and part of German history, it's a symbol for every single person who lived in fear for their lives and in horrible conditions that we, who were lucky to live in countries that represent democracy in its full meaning, couldn't even imagine and the fall of the Wall represents a new beginning and a hope for all of them.

Hasselhoff did indeed sing on the Berlin Wall shortly after the wall's gates were opened for East Germans. The blurry footage of the event seen below features Hasselhoff singing and wearing a light-up leather jacket, with Brandenburg Gate in the background.