David Alan Gore: Execution Set For Serial Killer

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Florida rapist and serial murderer David Alan Gore has been sentenced to death for the 1983 murder of 17-year old Lynn Elliot and will die by lethal injection tonight at six p.m.

Gore is responsible for the rape and murder of four teenage girls and two women, acts he committed with his cousin Fred Waterfield. Gore eventually led police to the site where he had buried the remains of four of the women--a Florida orange grove in which he worked-- which were dismembered and stored in drums. After officials found the bodies, Gore admitted he was responsible. Prosecutor Bob Stone says the murderer had "devil eyes" when he spoke about the heinous acts he'd committed.

"I looked in his eyes. If the devil had eyes, that's what they'd look like. They were red in the center. It was like a fire had come out of his eyes. You could see all the way through `em," Stone said. "That was the strangest sight I ever saw. If there is a human that's got the devil in him, he's it."

Residents in the small town where the murders occurred, Vero Beach, have been waiting for this day for a long time. The parents and families of the victims wonder why it has taken so long for a decision on Gore's fate to be made.

"For us it's been a nightmare, because I just turned 81. I was beginning to think that I might die before he went," Carl Elliott, Lynn Elliot's father said. Now, that fear is abolished with the news that the man who brutally killed his daughter will meet his punishment. The Elliot's--along with the other victims' families, will be present for the execution.

"He looked over at us a couple of times in the trials," Carl Elliott said. "And if we can make eye contact with him in there, it would be great. I'd like to."

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