Steampunk Darth Vader Is Most Impressive

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A metal sculptor in Nice, France, has created a completely mind-blowing rendition of Darth Vader's mask and helmet using what appear to be salvaged scraps of metal. The visage, as you'll see in the pictures and video below, is quite a devastating replication.

In a project called, "Darth Vader: Le futur antérieur recomposé," which I have on good authority translates as, "Darth Vader: The former future recomposes," sculptor Alain Bellino has put together one of the most badass looking steampunk renditions of the Sith Lord that you're likely to ever see. Constructed from unassuming objects like spoons, ornate leaves, and other discarded metal, the entire process has been documented in photographs that show the remarkable transformation of ordinary scraps of metal into one of the most iconic villains in cinema history.

Regardless of whether you like steampunk culture or not, are a fan of sculpture, are a Star Wars fanboy, or just a general appreciator of amazing talent, it's hard to deny that what Bellino has done here is anything short of awe-inspiring.

From what Google Translate tells me about Bellino via his profile on Behance Network, he worked as restorer of antique metal for 25 years before his creative craft eventually shifted toward the art of sculpture. By moving in this direction, Bellino was able to "give new life to different objects" by altering them from their primary function. More of Bellino's amazing craft can be witnessed on his profile at Behance. For now, though, feast your eyes on the Bellino's amazing work.

Additionally, check out the YouTube video that Bellino put together. It's an entire slideshow of the photographs recounting the creation of the Darth Vader bust.