Dark Far Cry 3 Story Trailer Released


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It became clear at E3 that violence and videogames are still bound together pretty tightly and that dark re-imaginings of relatively innocent games (such as Tomb Raider) is going to become a trend the way it has for some movie franchises.

Far Cry 3 looks as if it might be the most violent of them all, but it also doesn't seem gratuitous in the way other games do. For the latest Far Cry game, the violence serves the (admittedly, unrealistic) story about a regular man forced to take action to save his friends from the worst people imaginable - pirates, slavers, warlords, and other psychos.

Today Ubisoft released the latest in a long line of Far Cry 3 trailers. This one focuses on the story aspect of the game and what the player's motivation will be to cause destruction on a massive scale. Also, there are explosions. No Far Cry 3 trailer would be complete without at least two explosions.