Danny Bonaduce Attacked By Face-Biter

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After being attacked by a "fan" on Friday night in Washington, former child star Danny Bonaduce says the first thing he thought of was "bath salts".

Bonaduce was at a casino for an appearance for his Seattle-based morning radio show and says a woman came up to him to ask for a kiss. Before he could oblige, however, she wrapped her arms around him and sank her teeth into his cheek, leaving a large red welt.

"They were tiny little Chucky teeth. Man, they just gnawed like piranhas," Bonaduce said. "People are trying to pull her off me ... I'm screaming like a baby....It was so painful. It was ... as if someone wadded up 10 lit cigarettes and stuck them on your face, but they didn't go out, they just stayed that hot."

It's not surprising that Bonaduce's mind went right to bath salts; after a strange summer filled with stories from all over the country about individuals high on the synthetic drug "bath salts" attacking others with bites and even partial cannibalism, it's all too easy to imagine an incident like this getting out of control very quickly. Luckily, the woman was pulled away before she could do any more damage.

Bonaduce says he won't press charges against the woman, because, as he says, she was clearly "truly delusional".

"I don't think she had any idea what she did," he said.

Image: Amy Bonaduce

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