Danity Kane Says Diddy Took Their Money And Left Them With Debt

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Fame often comes with money, especially if you were a part of a group who had platinum albums and went on tours like Danity Kane.

But according to former members of Danity Kane, Aubrey O'Day, 31, and Shannon Bex, 35, all their fame got them was debt instead their hard earned money. There were also rumors that the group broke up because of money issues.

“It wasn’t even money because we never make any,” Aubrey O’Day said in their interview with The Breakfast Club. "We have two platinum albums, let alone grossed over a million dollars on Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics tour," O'Day adds. "We came off the tour $15,000 in debt and grossed millions." While Shannon Bex said, “We were signed to Diddy, that’s all I’m gonna say.” Danity Kane was previously working with the rapper and business mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and apparently he left the group, taking with him with their earnings. Not only that, Diddy reportedly left the group with debts instead.

"Thanks Diddy," Bex said as a message to the rapper.

And when asked if Danity Kane members will have their reunion, O’Day said that the group “is so dead and over.”

O’Day said, “Let’s move on.”

And as a sign that the former Danity Kane members have already moved on, they announced their new album coming this March. O’Day and Bex are now part of the duo Dumblonde, but they also learned their lesson, instead of going to major labels, they are now working independently.

Well, we can’t blame them, it’s hard not getting what you worked hard for, hopefully this time, it will turn out for the best.

Danity Kane was an all-girl R&B group formed during MTV's Making the Band in 2005 and were signed to Bad Boy Records but they broke up in August 2014.

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