Danielle Staub: Will Bravo Try To Get Her Back On 'Housewives' Show?


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It’s kind of hard to explain to anyone who isn’t familiar with Danielle Staub how she pretty much M-A-D-E the earlier seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Sure we have a passive-aggressive troublemaker in Melissa Gorga. The hair-pulling twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano are okay.

The fact remains that NO ONE can top Staub in terms of effortlessly stirring up hilarious drama!

Danielle Staub brought out the table-flipper in Teresa Giudice. She also got a section of her hair removed by former co-star Jacqueline Laurita’s now 23-year-old daughter Ashley.

It was during that scene that we got the iconic line, “Stay in the positive, b*tch!”

Sorry Amber Marchese; Staub did dramatic bald spot first, and she did it better.

With the news that her arch nemesis Giudice was busted for fraud and is headed to prison, many were expecting to hear Staub’s “I told you so” cackle echoing across the state of New Jersey.

Instead, Danielle came from a place of love and support.

"I wanted to be here [for Teresa] with a message from my daughters and myself,” said Staub. “Your kids are really all that's important right now.”

The former Housewives star said that Giudice shouldn’t worry about what’s being written in the press and on social media sites.

“Just live your life and know that whatever is behind you is done and you only have the future ahead of you.”

It’s certainly a touching message, but many are wondering if the timing of a statement suggests an ulterior motive...like replacing Teresa Giudice on the show?

It’s been alleged that some of the Housewives cast are open to seeing Staub make an epic comeback.

She wouldn’t be the first RHONJ cast member to return to the series; Dina Manzo is back following a lengthy absence.

There are also reports that Jacqueline Laurita might be coming back as well.

One thing's for certain, if Danielle Staub made her way back onto The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she would quickly show all of the new girls how an epic feud is done!