Daniel Craig Quits Film with Zellweger

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BBC News reports that Daniel Craig has dropped out of a thriller that was set to start filming in just a few days.

Craig, who has been most well-known for playing James Bond since 2006, was set to star in "The Whole Truth" with Renee Zellweger and Gabriel Basso.

The film was set to take place in Boston, and Craig had been spotted there, getting ready for filming. But, according to the Boston Globe, the production has now been halted and set back for three weeks. Craig's decision is guessed to have been sudden, since he was spotted at the Four Seasons hotel in Boston as recently as this past weekend.

Soon after leaving the film, Craig went to New York with wife Rachel Weisz to attend a gala in support of The Opportunity Network, an organization that helps underprivileged high schoolers get to college.

The town administrator in Middleton, where filming of "The Whole Truth" was set to begin, said that he was told that filming had been delayed because one of the actors "was not under contract."

Perhaps there has been a contract dispute and Craig will be back on the job within the three-week period the producers have set. The afore-mentioned town administrator did confirm that it was Craig who walked away from the project, so it seems likely that the contractual issue is with him, as opposed to with Zellweger or another actor.

Craig does have another in the series of James Bond films coming out next year. This will be the 24th James Bond film.

Wife Rachel Weisz will begin filming "The Lobster" with Colin Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Dublin in the next few weeks.

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