Dan Roundfield Dies at 59, NBA All-Star

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The basketball and sports community mourn today at the loss of a great and talented player, Dan Roundfield, who died on Monday, August 6th, 2012.

Dan Roundfield, a Detroit, Michigan native, was selected twice for Central Michigan University during his collegiate years, and played for the following teams in the NBA circuit:

  • 1975-1978 - Indiana Pacers
  • 1978-1984 - Atlanta Hawks
  • 1984-1985 - Detroit Pistons
  • 1985-1987 - Washington Bullets

After Roundfield's career with the NBA, he moved to Turin, Italy, where he played basketball for Italy's Auxilium Torino basketball team.

According to various sources, Dan Roundfield drowned while was swept away by a strong current, attempting to help his wife, while swimming off the southeastern tip of Aruba. This was reported by John Larmonie, a police spokesman on the southern Caribbean island.

Various fans of Roundfield have left their sympathies via Twitter:

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