Dallas Police Succeed in Clearing the Streets of Rogue Fruit

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It's good advice for anyone to check their sharing settings on any app before they use it - unless people want every high score, game achievement, or check-in to appear on their connected Twitter and Facebook feeds.

This advice is is paramount to public officials who already face accusations of ineffectiveness.

Move over, cop eating a donut joke. Say hello to the cop who can't stop playing Fruit Ninja joke.

Early Sunday morning, the official Twitter account for the Dallas Police Department tweeted that someone in the department had just sliced 38 fruit in Fruit Ninja! Congrats?

The tweet was quickly deleted, but plenty of users retweeted it (with additional commentary):

Dallas PD later tweeted an apology, blaming in all on the kids:

Protect and slice, Dallas PD.

[via BuzzFeed]
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