Dallas Cowboys Dream Start: Is "America's Team" Back?


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How bout them Cowboys?

A four-game winning streak on the back of one of the most embarrassing season openers in football history is not what many people anticipated.

And yet the Cowboys seem determined to ram the words of naysayers back down their throats.

The quest continued Sunday as they fended off the Houston Texans.

If any team in the NFL is tired of the Cowboys’ “America’s Team” halo, it has got to be the Texans.

So when Houston came to Dallas, many expected this to be the team to end their momentum.

No such luck.

The game was a virtual stalemate until the 2nd quarter, and then it was Dallas with a field goal.

In the second half, the Cowboys made it a 17-7 game. But the Texans were not about to go quietly.

The Houston team pulled itself together and before anyone knew it, it was 17-17 and the two rivals were headed into OT.

Despite missing a crucial field goal attempt in regular time, it would be kicker Dan Bailey to the rescue in extra time.

Instead of cracking under pressure, the Cowboys rose to the occasion and came out with the win.

Not since 2008 has this team had such a promising start. Could we be looking at the rise of a brand new Cowboys dynasty?

In DeMarco Murray, there are certainly shades of Emmitt Smith. Murray was actually able to manage five straight games of rushing 100 yards or better. A first for a Cowboys player.

Jason Witten also managed to become just the third tight end in NFL history to surpass 10,000 receiving yards.

While these are all great historic achievements, five games is FAR too early to declare one way or another the likely outcome of the Dallas season.

...And there are some tough games ahead.

Next up are defending Superbowl champions Seattle Seahawks and a couple weeks after that the Dallas Cowboys will take on the Washington Redskins, who rank near the top of their most bitter rivals list.

If the Cowboys can make it through the next three or four games unscathed, perhaps then talk of a comeback will be justified.