Dalai Lama Birthday: Spiritual Leader Says Youth Are Key To 'Happier Century'


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The Dalai Lama celebrated his 78th birthday on Saturday. He didn't use the event to reflect on his own past, but rather to speak about the future.

During his hour long speech, the Dalai Lama called upon the youth of the world to build towards a better tomorrow. He says that it's all up to them as it's too late for his generation:

"The present-day generation can create better conditions and build a world where everyone can live in harmony and in a spirit of coexistence. Youngsters of today have an opportunity to build a happier century. For those of us from the 20th century, there is nothing we can do now."

He also urged young people to view themselves as a citizen of the world, rather than a citizen of any one country:

“You should not just think about youselves and your families, and just your country but the world as a whole."

The Dalai Lama spoke in a short video that was filmed after his birthday celebration. In it, he touches upon what he would like for his birthday. He says, "Best gift for me on birthday. Please keep your own mind, your own heart more compassionate. [Keep a] spirit of seriously, genuinely sense of concern of others."

The Dalai Lama celebrated his birthday in Bylakuppe, India - a city set up by Tibetans in the 60s following their exile from their home by the Chinese government. It is home to over 18,000 Tibetans and about half are monks.

[h/t: The Telegraph]