"Dabble" Launched by Former Twitter Vice President

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After Instagram was recently bought by Facebook for a hefty $1 billion, it's to be expected that mobile app stores will see more photo-sharing apps pop up to get in on the action. In fact, an argument could be made that there is a place in the market for an Instagram replacement, given the reaction to its purchase by some of its former users.

Enter Dabble. Dabble is a photo-sharing app that creates a photo journal for the user by creating "postcards" made up of a picture and a small amount of text. Where it differs from other photo-sharing apps is that it is location based. Users can tag a "postcard" with a location and leave it for others in that same location to view. Other Dabble users and friends can then comment on the postcard. The effect is as if bulletin boards full of polaroid photos are hanging all around users in a virtual space.

The first screenshots of the app up on the iPhone App Store show off Dabble's basic interface:

Dabble ScreenshotDabble screenshot

Dabble was developed by a company called Daemonic labs. The company has 11 "team members" who have been working on Dabble for the past year. Daemonic labs was founded by CEO Pete Goettner along with co-founders Antonio Altamirano and Santosh Jayaram. Jayaram is a former vice president of business operations at Twitter and a former manager of the Search Quality Operations team at Google.

Dabble is an interesting twist on the photo-sharing app concept, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it become successful. Though Instagram will fit well with Facebook's photo-sharing goals, I see Dabble as being closer to something Twitter might want to acquire. Twitterers being able to leave tweets and photos in their wake might be fun. Also, an augmented-reality version of Dabble that displays postcards in the location they were dropped would be nice too, especially when using a Google Glass headset. Daemonic Labs already has a visualization of how that might look in this trailer from the Dabble website:

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