Czechs Put Google Street View On Hold


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Czech privacy officials said Tuesday they have stopped Google from gathering new images to update its Street View mapping service.

Street-View The Czech Office for Personal Data Protection (UOOU) turned down for a second time Google’s application to collect personal information in the central European country of 10.5 million, saying the process could break the law.

UOOU spokeswoman Hana Stepankova told Reuters the decision would not keep Google from being able to use images already taken since the launch of Street View in the Czech Republic on October 2009. She added talks over the use of data are ongoing.

"We do not have complete certainty the information is being processed according to law," Stepankova said, adding the office could consider granting Google permission if it could ensure the process can be done legally.

Czechs currently have the option to have their images blurred, but there is an issue over the use of car license plates or the frons of houses appearing on Street View.

"We will continue to closely cooperate with UOOU and we believe the matter will be resolved in the near future," Google’s Czech office said in a statement.