Cyber Monday, Apple Style: Free Shipping On Everything

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Apple is not offering any special deals today, on Cyber Monday - even though it's one of the biggest shopping days of the year and definitely the biggest online shopping day of the year. Some estimates have suggested that Americans could shell out over $1 billion during today's shopping holiday.

But they did begin a helpful initiative that should coax hesitant buyers into snatching up smaller items via the online store.

Starting today, Apple is offering free shipping on everything - no matter how inexpensive. Usually, you have to hit $50 before Apple's free shipping kicks in. This could boost online sales of smaller items like cases, chargers and other accessories.

Although Apple is not participating in the Cyber Monday deals, they did have a sale on Black Friday both online and in-store. That one-day-only sale saw discounts as small at $10 to discounts totaling $100 on larger items like MacBooks. From the initial reports, it looks like that one-day sale was a success. Apple sources have reported that the day was the biggest day in terms of retail sales in company's history.

It's a running joke that Apple rarely gives anyone a discount on anything - and there is some merit to it. Their Black Friday deals weren't as ambitious as some other retailers. And they aren't participating in any deals today, on the biggest online shopping day of the season.

But free shipping on everything is helpful and it might make it easier for people to order smaller items without feeling like they are wasting money.

The free shipping period ends December 22nd.

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