Crysis 3 "Hunter Edition" Pre-Order Bonuses Announced


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Last month, Crytek released a look at how the multiplayer aspect of Crysis 3 is shaping up. The game currently supports up to 12 simultaneous players on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and up to 16 on the PC. Game modes include Crash-Site and Hunter Mode, which pits two hunters against a larger group of troopers, who also become hunters after their death.

Hunter Mode is the subject of of the latest trailer, though the focus is on the pre-order bonuses players can get that will give them an advantage in the multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, Crytek and EA are giving pre-orderers a leg up on those who simply purchase the game. It's not just extra maps for pre-orderers, like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is giving out - it's equipment designed to give pre-orderers an advantage.

Pre-orderers will have the Predator Bow skin for their bow immediately unlocked, which allows players to fire while cloaked. They also get immediate access to the Recon Arrow, which gives players "advanced optical recognition." The Hunter Nanosuit Module will be unlocked at launch for them, allowing their suit to make no noise while moving and muffling their footsteps. Pre-orderers will also begin their multiplayer journey at level 5, obviously giving them a head start on the competition who didn't pre-order. These things won't be much of an advantage in the long run (or even after a single week), but they're sure to frustrate at least a few players when the game launches.

So, if you plan on playing plenty of Crysis 3 multiplayer, you're going to want to remember to pre-order the game. Of course, Crysis 3 is one of those titles currently scheduled for "February 2013," which is basically a placeholder timeframe to let investors know the game won't be out for the holidays. Expect a "delay" announcement when development on the game nears completion.