Cross-Eyed Cat is the Newest Internet Viral Star

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Cats and babies always seem to go viral pretty quickly on the internet.

Well the new cat on the block is Jarvis P. Weasley, the cross-eyed cat.

Oakland resident Daria Kelly, 51, rescued Jarvis from the city's animal services shelter in 2009 when he was just a kitten. She was volunteering at Saving Grace Rescue Inc. and the local humane society.

Kelly — who is studying to become a veterinary technician — named her kitty after a rock star Jarvis Cocker and Harry Potter character, Ron Weasley.

“I had another cat that had an extreme surgery and I contacted a pet photographer to take pictures of her,” Kelly told “He came over and took pictures of her and one day I sent him a picture of Jarvis and he loved it.”

“He sent it to his friend who runs and she ran an article last year and then a news agency found the article just this month and contacted me,” Kelly said.

According to Kelly, her friends had been trying to get her to host a Facebook page for Jarvis for years.

“I’m like, ‘I’m going to school. I’m taking care of cats. I don’t have time to social network my cat,’” Kelly said she told her friends.

Jarvis told GMA about her first encounter with Jarvis at Saving Grace Rescue Inc. when he had a severe upper respiratory infection.

“I would watch him and he was just the happiest and cutest kitten, even with snot coming out of his nose and his eyes dripping,” Kelly said.

“After the other sick kittens I was fostering went back for adoption, I snagged Jarvis to foster but I knew he was never going back,” she said. “He was just adorable and his personality is so strong.”

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