Cronut Bakery Reopens Tuesday After Mouse Infestation

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On Friday April 4, the Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene closed down Dominique Ansel Bakery in the Soho area of Manhattan, New York following a rodent infestation.

The bakery is famously known for cronuts-a crème-filled croissant-mixed-donut.

Loyal customers line the sidewalk of 189 Spring St. daily to grab one of these sweet treats-sometimes even before the store opens.

These desserts have apparently become a major “food craze in New York.”

But it also seems that Dominique Ansel Bakery customers are not the only ones who are fans of delicious cronuts.

A customer reported the infestation to local journalists after video recording a mouse running across the floor of the restaurant.

Amy Ma, a rep with Dominique Ansel Bakery, told the New York Post that the establishment is quite offended that a customer would report the issue to the media before presenting it to the owner first.

“We had a customer who took a video of one mouse that ran across the bakery floor and sent it as a tip to journalists without informing our staff,” Ma said.

After the first visit by health inspectors, the doors to the bakery were immediately bolted from outside visits. 

The Department of Health demanded the problem to be fixed before the bakery was given the green light to reopen.

The rep told sources that she was surprised that the bakery wasn't given another inspection, but shut down so promptly.

“After an entire night of deep cleaning [and not finding any mice] we were visited by not one, but four health department inspectors today,” Ma said.

Ma says that professional pest control workers were called in to re-cement and exterminate the shop-especially the basement.

The health department approved the shop's condition on Monday. The bakery will be back in business Tuesday.

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