Cristiano Ronaldo Says He Is Okay To Play In Germany

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Cristiano Ronaldo has declared himself fit and ready to play in Portugal's World Cup opener against Germany.

The FIFA player of the year, and Portugal starter, recently suffered a knee injury and was seen leaving practice last week with ice and a bandage on his knee. However, Ronaldo insists that he is okay to play and took part in the final training session in Salvador on Sunday.

"I have been practicing for a few days, which I couldn't do if I was injured," Cristiano explained. "I'd like to be 110 percent, but I am at 100 percent and ready to help the national team. Obviously, I would like to play without pain, but in my entire career I have always had injuries and knocks to deal with, but I am ready to play."

The media has been reporting that Ronaldo would not be fit to play in the Germany clash. However, Cristiano has dismissed the reports and says that he knows his limitations and would not risk his health, even for a World Cup. "The press say whatever they want, I have been playing at a high level for years and I am used to those unhappy statements," he said.

"The media often just throw things up in the air and try to hit something. The most important thing is the health of the player and if there is any problem during the game, I will tell my coach," he added. "I am not willing to risk my career on one game, if I am not fit, I won't play."

Germany has won the last three tournament matches against Portugal in 2006, 2008, and 2012. ''Obviously history has been positive for Germany. But Real has beaten Bayern Munich (in the Champions League semifinals) and maybe this will be the year to change the history and Monday would be the best day for it to happen,'' Ronaldo said. ''It's a new tournament, new players, our team is good, we have confidence.''

''We must be humble. It's a difficult start for us,'' Cristiano added. ''We are playing one of the favorites and one of the best teams. I personally and the entire team is very motivated and we want to enjoy the tournament.''

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