Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

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Get creative this holiday season by wrapping up those presents with something other than the standard wrapping paper that you see everywhere! Below is a list of great ideas to keep your gift-giving even more unique and exciting.

Burlap-Pickup some burlap from the craft store to give your presents a warm, southern charm.

Seashells-Live near the coast or maybe have some extra seashells laying around from that last vacation to the beach? Grab them and zest up a boring gift with a touch from the sea.

NewspaperTake that Sunday paper and turn it into something magical! Add a pretty, black bow and you're all done.

Candy Canes Use some of those leftover candy canes to add some festivity to your special packages! Just tie on with a bow or tape. Simple and tasty!

Brown Paper Bag Use a brown paper bag to wrap those gifts up with this year. Write merry messages on the paper or find some white chalk to draw a snowman.

Watch this video for some more helpful hints on wrapping this holiday season.

No matter what's under the paper, you're bound to get great reactions with these creative ideas for gift-wrapping!

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