Courteney Cox's Daughter To Be Her Wedding Singer

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Courteney Cox is going to have a very special wedding soon.

Courteney Cox, 50, is set to wed her boyfriend, Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid, 38, in Ireland. That's pretty amazing, but not the best part.

Courteney Cox's daughter with David Arquette, Coco, 10, is going to have a major part in the wedding.

Coco is going to be the wedding singer!

That's definitely a cheap entertainment option and Coco couldn't be more excited to do the job.

Courteney Cox said of her girl's wedding ambitions, ''Coco spends more time thinking about the wedding than I do. She wants to be the maid of honor. She's like, 'I want you to have bridemaids.' I said, 'That's a little different than the norm.'"

She added, ''She's demanding certain things! She's like, 'I also told my best friend she could be in the wedding.' I'm like, 'OK, Coco, why don't you just tell me what's happening?' I'm letting this be her thing.''

That's a big job for litte Coco, but if her involvement in Courteney Cox's engagement is any indication of her planning abilities, then she is the right girl to do it.

Courteney Cox recently told Jimmy Kimmel about Coco and Johnny McDaid's proposal plan.

Courteney Cox said, “He gave her a little diamond ring and got on his knee. And she said, ‘Great! I’m going to camp tomorrow. Let’s do it right now!’”

She added, “They made a plan to count down from three, and when they got to one, he was gonna get down on his knee and say, ‘Will you marry me?’ and she was gonna say, ‘Will you marry him? They planned it out, they found the perfect tree, with three branches that led to one trunk — it was beautiful.”

What a sweet gesture by Coco! Surely Courteney Cox's daughter will make just as sweet of a show at wedding singing.

What do you think about Courteney Cox's daughter being the wedding singer and planner?

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