Cop Photo Goes Viral After Boston Bombings

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A photo of a Boston police officer has gone viral after the police department tweeted about it over the weekend.

Officer John Bradley went above and beyond the call of duty when a Boston neighborhood was put on lockdown during the search for bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Friday when he offered to go buy milk for a family with a baby. The child's father, Kevin Wells, snapped a photo of Bradley returning to the house with milk in hand, and since it was shared it's gone viral, sweeping the web as a visual representation of the strength and kindness Bostonians want to emphasize during such a difficult time.

“It just meant the world that he literally went out and got two gallons of milk," McKenzie Wells, the baby's mother, said. “We wanted to pay him, but he wouldn’t take money from us. He was just so generous."

The family posted the picture on their Facebook page but took it down once it began to spread, fearing it would upset Bradley or the police department.

“The fact that it went as viral as it did was kind of crazy,'' Wells said. "We kind of thought we were going to get in trouble at first, so we pulled it off. We just didn't want to upset the officer, but we didn't think it would be everywhere.”

Brookline Police Department tweeted the photo once it gained popularity, however, and it took off from there. Bradley has declined to comment, but a spokesperson from the department has said that he was simply happy to help.

Amanda Crum
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